Current "Weekly" Release: 6.0.5214


The releases on this page are what we consider the current release builds of Subsurface.

We expect these builds to be reasonably stable and somewhat tested, and as the name suggests try to update them about once a week (the actual frequency may vary).

If you are looking for more "bleeding edge" releases builds, please check out the Latest Release Page.

This Subsurface Windows installer is not signed and Windows will likely ask you to confirm that you want to install this program.
We try to post a signed Subsurface macOS DMG here. If your Mac doesn't want to install this image, please let us know in the User Forum.

The Subsurface Android APK can be side-loaded on most Android devices. If you previously had installed Subsurface-mobile from the Google Play store, the first time you switch to a side-loaded app, you'll have to uninstall the Play store version. Make sure your data is synced to the Subsurface Cloud. After you install this APK and log in to the Subsurface Cloud again, the data will be restored. Every subsequent update will not require an uninstall.

A brief explanation of the concept of side-loading can be found in this androidcentral article.

iOS is the only platform right now where in general side-loading or installing unsigned binaries is impossible (apparently that may change for users in the EU, but not elsewhere). As a result we cannot make new versions of Subsurface-mobile for iOS available here, but the goal is to update the AppStore version to the "weekly" versions reasonably frequently as well.


The Subsurface team is providing distribution packages for Ubuntu and Fedora as well as a Snap and a generic "AppImage" that should work on most other x86_64 Linux distributions.

Ubuntu and compatible distros

To use these binaries in Ubuntu, simply add the Subsurface Daily Release PPA to your system:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:subsurface/subsurface-daily sudo apt update

and then install Subsurface with sudo apt install subsurface


To install the Subsurface CICD binaries on Fedora simply run

sudo dnf copr enable dirkhh/Subsurface-test

and then install Subsurface with dnf install subsurface


To install the Subsurface CICD binaries on Arch Linux you can use the AUR package

which packages the AppImage.

Other x86_64 Linux distributions

The 'candidate' Snap-channel contains our current build.
A generic AppImage is available. After you download this file, make it executable chmod +x Subsurface-6.0.5214-CICD-release.AppImage, and then simply run this file.