Announcing Subsurface 4.5.5

The Subsurface development team proudly announces the release 4.5.5 of Subsurface, an open source dive log and dive planning program for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Some of the new additions since Subsurface 4.5.4:

  • Update to latest libdivecomputer:

    • Add support for Cochran Commander and EMC

    • Add support for Uwatec Aladin Sport

    • Add support for Suunto Zoop/Vyper Novo, Suunto D4i and D6i with latest firmware

    • Add support for Heinrichs & Weikamp OSTC4

    • Add support for  Aqualung i450T

    • Add support for Cressi Newton

  • In the dive planner, switch pressure unit when planning in recreational mode and setting a tank reserve

  • In the dive planner, show the correct VPM-B + conservatism on the profile when planning in VPM-B mode and show the planner specific gradient factors in Bühlman mode

  • Enable showing a VPM-B based “ceiling” on the profile

  • Fix bug regarding depth parameter in OSTC/OSTC3 configuration

  • Fix bug in CSV export

  • Fix bugs in Suunto DM5 import

  • Fix potential race when immediately switching to Add dive or Planner while accessing cloud storage

  • Fix issue for some users with cloud storage passwords

Binaries are available for Windows, Mac, and an AppImage for Linux (plus distribution specific binaries for a number of Linux flavors including Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, Fedora, and openSUSE).
Please take a look at our Downloads page for details.