Announcing Subsurface 4.5.4

The Subsurface development team proudly announces the release 4.5.4 of Subsurface, an open source dive log and dive planning program for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Some of the new additions since Subsurface 4.5.3:

  • Update to latest libdivecomputer:

    • Fix a number of issues in the parsing of dive computer data (Shearmos Amphos Air, Shearwater Predator, several Oceanic models)

    • Add support for Oceanic / Aeris F11, DiveSystem iX3M, Shearwater Perdix

    • Fix several issues with imports from CSV, and other sources

  • Add better support for OSTC3 configuration

  • Fix potential rounding error when exporting weight systems

  • If XML file contains actual salinity (instead of the density value that we call salinity), correctly interpret that value

  • Add statistics by dive type

  • Small UI fixes

Binaries are available for Windows, Mac, and an AppImage for Linux (plus distribution specific binaries for a number of Linux flavors including Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, Fedora, and openSUSE).
Please take a look at our Downloads page for details.