The Subsurface developer team is proud to announce our first beta version of Subsurface 4.5.

After a slightly longer than planned development cycle we think that we have a few interesting new features for our users.

Highlights since Subsurface 4.4:

  • Cloud storage.
    Subsurface offers a cloud storage backend that allows using the same dive data from multiple computers. Accounts are free and tied to an email address. An account can easily be created from within Subsurface (Preferences, Network tab; simply enter a valid email address and a password). After the user receives a verification pin and enters this in the corresponding field in the Preferences all is set up and the cloud storage can be transparently used from within Subsurface. While this is nice for many users who have more than one computer on which they use Subsurface, it is espcially useful with our upcoming Subsurface-mobile app on Android (the beta test for that will start soon).
  • Web view.
    Dives stored in the Subsurface cloud storage backend can also be accessed with a web interface. Simply go to<email&gt and authenticate with the same email address and password as set up in Subsurface.
  • Dive site handling.
    Dive sites are now a first class citizen in Subsurface and can be managed as such. Dives include a reference to a dive site. This also caused changes to our file format (and we bumped the file format version to 3). On first open old data files will be backed up
    and converted to the new format.
  • Geo taxonomy.
    A web lookup service has been implemented that allows the user to get geo taxonomy data based on a GPS fix -- so for a dive site that contains GPS data Subsurface can look up the closest body of water, the country or closest city.
  • Significantly improved print support.
    Printing is now template driven and allows the user to customize the format in which dives are presented in print.
  • Better Bluetooth device support.
    Instead of having to manually set up BT devices in the OS, Subsurface now has a much more intuitive UI that allows the user to work with BT dive computers.
  • VPM-B support for dive planning.
    The dive planner module in Subsurface now offers a choice of deco algorithms with both Bühlmann ZH16 and VPM-B. The VPM-B implementation is new and has been developed from scratch. We have tested this against a number of known good profiles from the Fortran
    reference code but would certainly recommend a bit of extra caution when using it for dive planning.
  • Improved image import and management,
    Subsurface now does a better job when handling changes in image folder location and can add images from URLs instead of just local files.
  • Undo / redo support.
    While this does not cover all operations, yet, many operations can now been un-done and subsequently re-done.
  • Many fixes and improvements for import third part files and CSV files
  • Ability to load dives exported with OSTCTools
  • Support for more GPS coordinate formats

Known issues

  • Uemis downloader appears to have serious issues for some users
  • The printing subsystem occasionally picks bad font sizes for the profile and can run out of memory on really large dive profiles
  • The printing subsystem appears to fail on Mac -- no data from dives is filled into templates
  • The Bluetooth subsystem definitely needs more testing and doesn’t appear to work reliably for all testers

You can get Subsurface 4.5 Beta 1 from these locations:


Mac: — please be aware that on 10.9.5 and later the signatures on don’t verify correctly and OS X claims that the binary wasn’t signed by a verified developer (even though it is actually signed with a valid ID). We are investigating how to work around this -- for now you have to explicitly go to System Preferences -> Security and allow opening this application.

Linux: Ubuntu: Add ppa:subsurface/subsurface-beta to your software sources; the .deb files in that PPA can also be installed on sufficiently current versions Debian and LinuxMint; see the Downloads page and use to get our latest beta version.

Linux: openSUSE / Fedora: go to our open build service beta page

This is a beta release, so the usual warnings apply. We don’t think it will eat your data file (and it is making a backup of your old files, just in case), but paying extra attention might not hurt. As always, we are very curious to get feedback (after all, that’s the purpose of a beta release). Please post in the User Forum or file a bug in our Bug Tracker.