We are planning to make “official” packages for Ubuntu and LinuxMint available in our own PPA… I just triggered a daily build that should work on Ubuntu Trusty, Utopic, and LinuxMint 17.1. If you would like to help us by testing those, please add the following PPA to your system:


. Once 4.3 is released we’ll make that (and future updates) available in


Right now it seems that on LinuxMint you have to add this on the command line and explicitly request the PPA version of Subsurface, otherwise the outdated Subsurface 4.0 would have been installed. So the steps would be

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:subsurface/subsurface-daily
sudo apt-get install subsurface=

Check at the Subsurface-Daily PPA website what the latest version is that you can install. I hope someone can figure out how to make this happen automagically without cryptic version numbers.