The Subsurface team is proud to announce another small bugfix and enhancement update to Subsurface.

New in version 4.0.2 compared to Subsurface 4.0.1:

  • fixed potential crash when importing dive data without dive computer model information
  • improve parsing of equipment data; this now accepts localized units as well as input in units that are not the display units (so if you run Subsurface in metric, but went diving in a place where weights are in US Pounds (lbs), you can now enter the weight in lbs and Subsurface does the right thing)
  • fix temperature conversion when downloading data from Uemis SDA
  • improve autocompletion to always be case insensitive
  • improve selection handling in the dive list
  • include event data in libdivecomputer dump
  • improve profiles generated for dives with no depth samples and no average depth