The Subsurface team is proud to announce a small bugfix and enhancement update to Subsurface

New in version 4.0.1 compared to Subsurface 4.0:

  • fixed several bugs handling non-ASCII text both in dive info text fields as well as in Windows file names
  • added support for generating libdivecomputer log and dump files
  • many improvements for import and export of other file formats
  • XSLT files are built-in as resources, avoiding issues with not finding them
  • support more GPS coordinate formats
  • fixed several bugs around editing of manually entered dives
  • fixed several bugs with entering data for weights and tanks
  • increase the number of tracked weight systems to 6
  • fixed font setting in preferences
  • improved look and feel when running dark themes
  • support older versions of Mac OS/X with default DMG (>= 10.5)