Subsurface 3.0.2 has been released

The Subsurface developer team is proud to announce the release of another small update of Subsurface.

This update was mainly triggered by a bug in the handling of pO2 values read from CCR / rebreather dive computers. This bug can lead to incorrect data being stored in the Subsurface XML file. Installing Subsurface 3.0.2 and re-downloading the dives will correct the incorrect data. In order to re-download the dives connect your dive computer (this should only affect people with certain tec dive computers like the Shearwater Petrel or Predator that store pO2 values read from a pO2 sensor in their dive log), open the download dialog, check the box “Force download of all dives” and download your dives. After you save your data file the correct pO2 data should be stored in the samples.

If you are using one of those dive computers, have saved data files with Subsurface 3.0 or 3.0.1 and have since deleted those dives from your dive computers, please contact the developers as we also have an experimental script that should be able to fix incorrect XML files -- but re-downloading the data is the much more reliable way to address this issue.

In addition to this bug fix, 3.0.2 brings a number of other improvements:

  • A Portuguese localization of Subsurface was added.
  • Subsurface now remembers its window size and pane layout the next time it is started.
  • Several importers for data for third party dive software were improved.
  • Dives from the Heinrichs & Weikamp DR5 and from kenozooid can now be imported into Subsurface.
  • A crash with localized versions of Subsurface on Mac was resolved.
  • The map provider for the GPS maps is now configurable.
  • The layout of some dialog boxes was changed to improve usability on small screens.
  • It is now easier to edit date and time of existing dives (and you can now edit duration, maximum and average depth for dives that were manually entered).
  • Several small bugs were addressed.

As an interesting side note, almost all of these changes were triggered by reports made to our bug and feature-request tracker.