We’re a few weeks away from a release, but just to give people a heads-up… Subsurface 3.0 is on its way and it will bring an avalanche of new features.

A few of the highlights:

  • Many new divecomputers supported, bugfixes for existing divecomputers
  • Significantly improved selection of divecomputers for direct download
  • Improved automatic dive numbering
  • Data overlay for profile plot
  • Zoom function for profile plot
  • Improved printing support
  • Improved dive trip handling
  • Support for downloading dives from multiple computers (so for example both your main and your backup computer)
  • Lots of features to make tec divers happy:
    • Dive planner
    • Deco calculation with optional display of a calculated ceiling (Buehlmann ZH16 with gradient factors)
    • Display of deco information from some divecomputers that support this
    • TriMix support
    • CCR support (fixed or variable setpoint, on dive computers that support this)
    • Optional pO2, pN2 and pHe graphs
    • CNS tracking for supported divecomputers