Yes, we skipped versions 2.0 and never released it in public, but it was worth it.

Subsurface 2.1 is out, we have binaries for Windows and Mac on our Downloads page and packages for various Linux distributions are under way. And of course it’s quite easy to build Subsurface from source -- check the build page for details.


Here are some of the highlights of what changed since Subsurface 1.2:

  • Localization into more than ten languages
  • Dives can be grouped by dive trips (both automatically and manually)
  • Tracking of weight systems, exposure suit
  • Improved import from other divelog programs
  • Improved editing of existing dives
  • Improved statistics functionality
  • Better file handling, introduction of a default file (useful for starting Subsurface from the desktop)
  • Significantly improved Windows and Mac binary packages
  • Improved handling of shorter apnea dives
  • Lots of bug fixes, stability improvements
  • Beginnings of end user documentation (needs to be extended a lot, I think, but it’s a great start)
  • Update to libdivecomputer 0.2 with a long list of supported dive computers
  • Direct download from Uemis dive computers