It’s been about six weeks and a ton of things have changed -- actually, if the last time you looked at it was subsurface-1.1 then you might not recognize the new release.

Highlights to mention:

  • new look with three-pane window and new coloring
  • show dives “latest first”
  • new statistics page
  • completely new editing logic: double-click on a dive in the dive list (or right-click and select ‘edit’ from the menu on the text fields) to bring up the edit window.
  • show momentary SAC rate in the air use graph
  • sanitize saving of cylinder pressures (either samples or global, but not both if they are redundant)
  • new xslt based XML importer
  • add useful testdata instead of Linus’ sample dives
  • add ability to rate dives with a familiar 5-star rating system
  • more OSX/Windows cleanups and support (no more gconf !!)
  • lots of random fixes

I will make Linux, Windows and Mac binaries available soon. For now, get the sources and start playing with it.