As usual after going diving, a lot has happened in subsurface.

  • The way youenter information has changed radically (hint, you need to right-click and select edit -- or double click in the dive list).
  • Handling of manually input tank data vs. samples from an air-integrated computer is much better.
  • Dives are now shown “latest first”.
  • subsurface can filter the events that are being displayed.
  • subsurface now has a statistics page.
  • Tank pressure graphs are colored based on the current sac rate (so you can see when during the dive you were using more air, and when you were doing better).
  • We added a bunch of test dives that help make sure we don’t inadvertently break things as we add features.
  • We visually cleaned up the presentation of the temperature curve.
  • We can now build Windows and Mac binaries.

Really, a lot has changed. Give it a try. I guess I need to bug Linus to do a 1.2 release and create new binaries while we’re at it.