Since some people prefer not to create their applications from source I am starting to make some binaries available. For now I have packaged Fedora 14&15 and OpenSUSE 11.4 (the version of cairo in OpenSUSE 11.3 appears to be too old for subsurface).

I looked into doing Debian based versions but decided that the anal retentiveness and excessive redundantness of the Debian packaging rules was more than I was willing to put up with. If someone else wants to maintain these, please provide the various control files so I can build these on OBS and I’ll be happy to put them up here as well.

The same goes for Mac or Windows binaries (except for the request to provide OBS build configuration files… you’ll have to provide actual binaries for that).

For now go to Downloads to get the repos. And a special thanks to the OpenSUSE Build Service for providing a really easy way to making these files available.