Subsurface 4.2 has been released

The Subsurface developer team is proud to announce the release of the next version of Subsurface. Version 4.2 contains a number of bug fixes and improvements compared to 4.1. Highlights include:

  • The Windows installer is now a 64bit installer including Qt5
  • There is still a deprecated 32bit installer including Qt4, but that has several known issues (among others, printing has a number of bugs that were fixed in Qt5).
  • The Mac installer has also been updated to Qt5
  • A current development version of libdivecomputer is used for the Windows and Mac builds.
  • A Dive Planner got added again, using the graphical profile editor; it supports different ascent speeds, backgas breaks during deco and many other interesting features; it allows the user to print just the dive plan (without graphic profile); one shortcoming is that currently one cannot re-plan a planned dive, i.e., once you save a dive plan, you can no longer edit / change the plan; you have to start from scratch again. This is on the todo list.
  • Pictures can be associated with dives and shown in the profile.
  • Printing is much improved (but see above), including a “1 dive per page” mode, better rendering of dives (in our mind) and better data presented per dive.
  • Data entry for dives is much more intuitive and consistent.
  • We have a reasonably functional HTML exporter for the dive log (it’s still work in progress but already quite powerful, even though lacking localization support).
  • Support to import dive log files from Seabear dive computers.
  • We added a user survey to learn more about the interests and needs of our users.
  • Improved and extended user manuals
  • New translated user manuals in Spanish and Russian

If you are using Subsurface 4.1 on Windows or Mac you should be able to check for the update from within the application (in the Help menu). Otherwise find download links at our Downloads page. Please note if you are running a 32bit version of Windows that the default Windows installer now only runs on 64bit systems.

Subsurface 4.2 Beta 5 (4.1.94)

We found a lot more bugs in Beta 4 than we liked. And we especially found some rather stubborn bugs in Windows that were cause by the fact that so far our Windows binary had always been 32bit binaries and built with Qt4. While this is fairly late in the game, after some careful reasoning we decided to change things so that the default installers on both Windows and Mac are 64bit and Qt5 based. For Windows we will alternatively still offer a 32bit Qt4 based installer, but that one has a few known issues.

The list of bugs fixed since Beta 4 is long. Some highlights:

  • fix several time zone handling related bugs that affected time entry in various places
  • fix incorrect behavior when editing notes and location for a dive trip
  • fix incorrect marking of correct GPS coordinates in red
  • fix several bugs in the context of picture handling
  • fix several printing bugs (some issues with printing remain in the 32bit Windows binary
  • fix stubborn Marble problem that resulted in Marble tiles not being loaded
  • fix close button position in error messages
  • fix export to on Windows 7 64bit
  • fix infinite deco calculation issue with very low GFHigh
  • many small UI fixes

We also made a couple of enhancements:

  • Subsurface no longer pretends to be Mozilla 5 when connecting to web services
  • Added Russian manual
  • Show mean depth and time/depth “cross hair” in planner
  • Many updates to the documentation

We hope this will be the final beta before the 4.2 release, so please go ahead and test and report any issues that you might still find on our bugtracker

Windows installer for Subsurface 4.2 Beta 5

Windows installer for Subsurface 4.2 Beta 5 (32bit Version, based on Qt4 -- this has known issues)

Mac installer for Subsurface 4.2 Beta 5

Subsurface 4.1.92 (aka Beta 3)

Hopefully this will work better than Beta 2. The annoying HTML notes issue is resolved, so are a handful of other bugs. We think this is reasonably close to being release ready -- one issue we are still working on is the print quality (we worked around one issue by introducing another one… not quite there, yet).

As Beta 2 has shown, it’s a really good idea to make sure you have backups of your data. But having said that, please give it a try and help us shake out the last few issues before we can release 4.2.

Windows installer for Subsurface 4.2 Beta3

Mac installer for Subsurface 4.2 Beta 3

Oh darn -- let’s not use Subsurface 4.2 Beta 2

Turns out that it adds HTML to your dive or trip notes when you edit them. Which really isn’t what we want.

I hope you made backups -- otherwise you might have to edit out the HTML by hand…

I’ll try to make a Beta 3 available once we have figured out how we want to handle the planner notes (which really benefit from being HTML) without forcing HTML on every dive that has been touched.

Subsurface 4.2 Beta1 (4.1.90)

It’s been a little over two months since our last release -- so there’s a chance that we will meet our plans of a release “about every three months”.

This is the first beta, so be careful -- have backups of your data files and watch out for changes you didn’t intend. There are a few bugs hiding still, check (and report) at our bugtracker.

Some of the interesting new features in 4.2:

  • the dive planner got added back again, using the graphical profile editor
  • pictures can be associated with dives and shown in the profile
  • printing was quite a bit improved
  • data entry for dives is much more intuitive and consistent
  • first steps towards an HTML exporter
  • support for importing dive log files from Seabear dive computers
  • a user survey was added to learn more about the needs of out users

Please let us know what you think!

Subsurface 4.1 has been released

The Subsurface developer team is proud to announce the release of the next version of Subsurface. Version 4.1 is a nice visual update from 4.0. The code for the profile has been completely rewritten with animation effects, a significantly improved info overlay and much smarter redraw logic. We also added a toolbar to the main window that easily allows the user to turn on and off many of options for the profile without having to open the preferences window. Here are some of the other highlights:

  • improved CVS import and added CVS export
  • import of exported log files from Sensus (CSV) and Shearwater Desktop (XML)
  • improved UDDF and support
  • generalized import dialog
  • much improved consistency for dialog boxes, keyboard shortcuts, etc
  • improved error handling when downloading from divecomputer
  • export an HTML world map with dive sites
  • make backups before overwriting XML files
  • don’t display unused cylinders in the equipment tab (this can be turned off and the old behavior restored in the preferences)
  • lots of code cleanup, style fixes, improved consistency
  • improved Qt5 support (but there are still some visual oddities)
  • many improvements to the build infrastructure (out of tree builds, ability to build without Marble, make WIP planner a config option)
  • more than 50 bugs fixed
  • new translation (Greek, British-English, Latvian, and Romanian)
  • experimental “check for updates” feature (mostly for Windows and Mac)
  • experimental (and undocumented…) alternative storage format


Subsurface 4.1 Beta3 (aka 4.0.98)

We are getting closer. Many more bugs have been fixed, more translations have been updated, things are looking good. More testing is of course always appreciated, but if all goes well we should have a final release of 4.1 at some point next week.
In the meantime you can download binaries for Mac and Windows for testing.

Oh, you ask “What happened to Beta 2?”… well, that lived for just a few hours after which time I finally reproduced and fixed a rather annoying bug that I had been hunting for a while… and since I hadn’t even gotten around to announce Beta 2 I decided to simply move to Beta 3 … so this is a sign of progress.

Subsurface 4.1 Beta1 (aka 4.0.96)

We are making progress towards Subsurface 4.1.
As a major milestone in this project we are happy to announce the first public beta. You’ll find a much improved visual experience, lots of bugfixes and many small improvements that should make it easier and more consistent to work with Subsurface.
You can download beta binaries for Windows and Mac.
If you run into issues, please report them on our bug tracker.