Subsurface 4.4 Beta 2 is available

The Subsurface developer team is proud to announce a public beta version of Subsurface 4.4.

Highlights since Subsurface 4.3:

  • Subsurface now allows the user to select which of the dives downloaded from a dive computer will be added to the dive list.
  • We have added more capabilities to the CSV import for manually kept dive logs; this now includes start and end pressure for the main tank as well as air and water temperatures.
  • There is also a new interactive dialog that makes it much easier to identify the meaning of various columns in CSV import.
  • Subsurface can now import dive databases from the Cobalt divelog program.
  • We added support for importing logs from the Divesoft Freedom.
  • Subsurface profile drawing has been sped up significantly which also improved the situation when using the visual editor to add dives or plan dives.
  • We have made more progress with PSCR support -- still not fully functional, but getting closer. It is now possible to select the type of a dive (OC, CCR, PSCR) in the UI.
  • Changes to a dive location on the globe now trigger dive edit mode and can be rejected. GPS coordinates are shown immediately when selecting a dive site on the globe.
  • For owners of the Heinrichs & Weikamp OSTC 3 and OSTC Sport Subsurface now supports updating the firmware and informs users of new firmware releases.
  • We are back to having just a single Windows installer that should work on all Windows versions since Windows XP, regardless of 32 or 64bit.

You can get Subsurface 4.4 Beta 2 from these locations:



Linux: Ubuntu: add ppa:subsurface/subsurface-beta to your software sources; the .deb files in that PPA can also be installed on Debian Sid and LinuxMint 7; see the post about the daily builds on Debian and LinuxMint. Simply replace “daily” with “beta” and install the subsurface-4.3.960-1~trusty package.

Linux: openSUSE / Fedora: go to our open build service beta page

This is a beta release, so the usual warnings apply. We don’t think it will eat your data file, but having extra backups might not hurt. As always, we are very curious to get feedback (after all, that’s the purpose of a beta release). Please post in the User Forum or file a bug in our Bug Tracker.

PS: Yes, we never announced Beta 1. You didn’t miss much.

Announcing Subsurface 4.3

The Subsurface development team proudly announces release 4.3 of Subsurface, an open source divelog and dive planning program for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Some of the changes since Subsurface 4.2

Subsurface now supports flexible filtering of the dive list. When the filter is opened,one can specify a combination of different criteria like tags, people who were on the dive, dive site, suit, etc. While filtering one can see how many dives
match any of the criteria, and how many dives match the combination of the selected criteria (see the panel below the main menu in the image below)

Subsurface main screen with filters

When editing a dive, one can now copy information about a dive and paste it into one or more other dives. This makes it easy to add the same equipment, buddies, tags or other aspects of a dive into a group of dives with similar characteristics.

The dive profile now offers an easy to understand tissue saturation graph that shows tissue saturation at any point during the dive. (See image below)

Cylinder bars and tissue saturation graph

In the dive profile one can turn on an improved visualization of the gas combinations used during a dive (aka “tank bar” with different gases represented by different colours, see image above).

Owners of the Heinrichs & Weikamp OSTC 2 and 3 as well as dive computers in the popular Suunto Vyper family of dive computers can configure the settings of their dive computers using Subsurface.

For a number of dive computers Subsurface now downloads additional data and shows them in a new tab on the screen. This includes (depending on the dive computer) information like battery levels, no fly times, Gradient Factors used during the dive, etc. This feature is enabled in all official Subsurface binaries and includes the Uemis Zurich SDA. When building from source this requires a custom version of libdivecomputer (as explained in the INSTALL file).

The dive planner now offers the ability to re-plan dives and to create duplicate dive plans in order to plan multiple scenarios.

We added support for several new dive computers including the Suunto EON Steel, Aeris A300 CD, and Aeris F11.

Subsurface can now import dive logs from Liquivision and Cochran software as well as the new Suunto DM5.

We made many improvements for UDDF and CSV import, UDDF export now complies with the latest version of the standard.

Many issues with the HTML export were addressed.

Initial support for closed circuit rebreathers (CCR) and pSCR was added. Dive logs from the Poseidon MkVI CCR can be imported. Visualization of dive logs as well as dive planning should work -- but this feature is fairly early in its development and we assume that there may be a few bugs and mis-features hidden in this area. Here is a dive profile for a Poseidon MkVI:

CCR sample profile

Other notable improvements

  • Import of manually logged dives (e.g., from an existing paper logbook) is now much better documented in the user manual. Instead of having to individually enter each dive with the graphical profile editor users can add all their dives in a spreadsheet and import the data from there into Subsurface in one single operation.
  • Many other small improvements to the planner
  • Many small UI changes for better use on small displays (tighter columns and column headers on the dive list, the toolbox of icons no longer
    forces a minimum height of the profile, etc)
  • Improvements on HiDPI displays
  • We fixed an annoying bug where when starting to edit a dive the pop-up with completions would cover the edit line (this usually happened when editing tags)
  • For the (rather unusual) dive computers that send a heading event in every sample we automatically declutter the profile display now
  • The Windows installer is smarter: the 64bit installer refuses to install its binaries on a 32bit OS and conversely the installer warns you when installing 32bit binaries on a 64bit OS
  • Better synchronization with, including support for multiple tanks

Known bugs

  • There appears to be a bug in Qt: when changing the password needed authenticate with a proxy, Subsurface will not use the new password until after a restart

Using the daily binaries on Debian Jessie

While it’s pretty much a lost cause to build a current version of Subsurface on Debian Wheezy (the current “stable” as of this writing), it turns out that it’s reasonably easy to install our “daily build” on Debian Jessie (and the same should be true for Sid).

First you need to add the Ubuntu repository:

echo "deb trusty main" \
        | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.lists.d/subsurface.list
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys A8BC9756EE61D9C6
gpg -a --export A8BC9756EE61D9C6 | sudo apt-key add -
sudo apt-get update

Now you can install Subsurface from that repository:

sudo apt-get install subsurface

Make sure you are getting a current version with all its Qt5 dependencies.

Once 4.3 is out (just a few more days) we will make release binaries available from a similar repository. Simply use

echo "deb trusty main" \
        | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.lists.d/subsurface.list

in order to install only release versions and not daily builds.

Testing daily builds for Ubuntu and LinuxMint

We are planning to make “official” packages for Ubuntu and LinuxMint available in our own PPA… I just triggered a daily build that should work on Ubuntu Trusty, Utopic, and LinuxMint 17.1. If you would like to help us by testing those, please add the following PPA to your system:


. Once 4.3 is released we’ll make that (and future updates) available in


Right now it seems that on LinuxMint you have to add this on the command line and explicitly request the PPA version of Subsurface, otherwise the outdated Subsurface 4.0 would have been installed. So the steps would be

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:subsurface/subsurface-daily
sudo apt-get install subsurface=

Check at the Subsurface-Daily PPA website what the latest version is that you can install. I hope someone can figure out how to make this happen automagically without cryptic version numbers.

Subsurface 4.3 Beta 1

We are happy to announce the first beta for Subsurface 4.3. This is still early and we expect some possible problems, but it should give you a good idea of what’s coming in 4.3 (and hopefully allow many to test and provide feedback).

Binaries are on the server for 64 bit Windows and 32 bit Windows. I’ll post another note when Mac binaries are ready. And now for Mac as well.

Bug reports and other feedback should ideally go into our request tracker.

Quick summary of the highlights:

  • Multi filter: filter the dive list by many criteria including tags, people who were on the dive, location, suit, etc
  • Cut and paste support when editing dives: copy selected components of a dive and paste them into one or more other dives. This makes it easy to add the same equipment, buddies, tags or other aspects of a dive into others
  • Tissue saturation visualization
  • Configuration of the OSTC 2 and 3 as well as the Suunto Vyper family of dive computers
  • Support for extra data that can be downloaded from some dive
    computers, including information like battery levels, no fly times,
    Gradient Factors used during the dive, etc (only as supported by the
    dive computer, at the time of this writing this requires a custom
    version of libdivecomputer oder a Uemis Zurich SDA)
  • Better visualization of the gases used during a dive (“tank bar”)
  • Ability to re-plan dives
  • Support for several new dive computers including the Suunto EON Steel, Aeris A300 CD, Aeris F11 (Suunto EON Steel support is included with the Windows binaries but requires a patched version of libdivecomputer when building from source -- we expect the necessary patches to be upstream, soon)
  • Import dive logs from Liquivision and Cochran software
  • Import dive logs from the Poseidon Mk6 CCR
  • Import dive logs from Suunto DM5
  • Many improvements for UDDF and CSV import
  • Many improvements to HTML export
  • Many small improvements to the planner
  • Many small UI changes for better use on small displays (tighter columns and column headers on the dive list, the toolbox of icons no longer forces a minimum height of the profile, etc)
  • Improvements on HiDPI displays
  • Fix annoying bug where when starting to edit a dive the pop-up with completions would cover the edit line (this usually happened when editing tags)
  • Declutter profile for dive computers that send a heading event in every sample
  • on Windows, prevent installation of 64bit binaries on 32bit OS and warn when installing 32bit binaries on 64bit OS
  • support multiple tanks when syncing with
  • Experimental CCR and PSCR support

Subsurface 4.2.1 (Windows only)

Turns out the initial binaries for Subsurface 4.2 didn’t include one library that is necessary to download dives from the Atomics Aquatics Cobalt and Cobalt 2. I had sent one-off test binaries to a number of users who reported the issue and now I finally got around to update the official installers.

Technically this is a release of Subsurface 4.2.1 (if you look closely), but for most people there should be no reason to update. I did link this version against the latest libdivecomputer, so it adds support for a couple new dive computers (Mares Airlab, Aeris A300CS, Aeris F11, Subgear XP-3G) and fixes a few bugs for others.

No changes (and no 4.2.1) for Mac or Linux.

Subsurface 4.2 has been released

The Subsurface developer team is proud to announce the release of the next version of Subsurface. Version 4.2 contains a number of bug fixes and improvements compared to 4.1. Highlights include:

  • The Windows installer is now a 64bit installer including Qt5
  • There is still a deprecated 32bit installer including Qt4, but that has several known issues (among others, printing has a number of bugs that were fixed in Qt5).
  • The Mac installer has also been updated to Qt5
  • A current development version of libdivecomputer is used for the Windows and Mac builds.
  • A Dive Planner got added again, using the graphical profile editor; it supports different ascent speeds, backgas breaks during deco and many other interesting features; it allows the user to print just the dive plan (without graphic profile); one shortcoming is that currently one cannot re-plan a planned dive, i.e., once you save a dive plan, you can no longer edit / change the plan; you have to start from scratch again. This is on the todo list.
  • Pictures can be associated with dives and shown in the profile.
  • Printing is much improved (but see above), including a “1 dive per page” mode, better rendering of dives (in our mind) and better data presented per dive.
  • Data entry for dives is much more intuitive and consistent.
  • We have a reasonably functional HTML exporter for the dive log (it’s still work in progress but already quite powerful, even though lacking localization support).
  • Support to import dive log files from Seabear dive computers.
  • We added a user survey to learn more about the interests and needs of our users.
  • Improved and extended user manuals
  • New translated user manuals in Spanish and Russian

If you are using Subsurface 4.1 on Windows or Mac you should be able to check for the update from within the application (in the Help menu). Otherwise find download links at our Downloads page. Please note if you are running a 32bit version of Windows that the default Windows installer now only runs on 64bit systems.

Subsurface 4.2 Beta 5 (4.1.94)

We found a lot more bugs in Beta 4 than we liked. And we especially found some rather stubborn bugs in Windows that were cause by the fact that so far our Windows binary had always been 32bit binaries and built with Qt4. While this is fairly late in the game, after some careful reasoning we decided to change things so that the default installers on both Windows and Mac are 64bit and Qt5 based. For Windows we will alternatively still offer a 32bit Qt4 based installer, but that one has a few known issues.

The list of bugs fixed since Beta 4 is long. Some highlights:

  • fix several time zone handling related bugs that affected time entry in various places
  • fix incorrect behavior when editing notes and location for a dive trip
  • fix incorrect marking of correct GPS coordinates in red
  • fix several bugs in the context of picture handling
  • fix several printing bugs (some issues with printing remain in the 32bit Windows binary
  • fix stubborn Marble problem that resulted in Marble tiles not being loaded
  • fix close button position in error messages
  • fix export to on Windows 7 64bit
  • fix infinite deco calculation issue with very low GFHigh
  • many small UI fixes

We also made a couple of enhancements:

  • Subsurface no longer pretends to be Mozilla 5 when connecting to web services
  • Added Russian manual
  • Show mean depth and time/depth “cross hair” in planner
  • Many updates to the documentation

We hope this will be the final beta before the 4.2 release, so please go ahead and test and report any issues that you might still find on our bugtracker

Windows installer for Subsurface 4.2 Beta 5

Windows installer for Subsurface 4.2 Beta 5 (32bit Version, based on Qt4 -- this has known issues)

Mac installer for Subsurface 4.2 Beta 5