subsurface-4.2.exe is a 64bit binary that has been tested on a number of 64 bit versions of Windows, including XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. For 32bit Windows systems we offer a deprecated, Qt4 based version of Subsurface that has a few known issues around printing: subsurface-4.2-32bit-Qt4.exe


Subsurface-4.2.dmg is a Mac image that can be installed on 64bit Intel Macs running MacOS 10.5 or later by dragging the to your /Applications folder. A second binary that also supports 32bit Intel Macs running 10.6 is available here.

Installing Subsurface via Mac OSX Command Line

  • Subsurface-4.0.3 is available via Homebrew Cask.
    1. Install Homebrew package manager for OSX from
    2. Install Homebrew Cask binary package manager following the directions from
    3. In your favorite command line terminal application enter: brew cask install subsurface This installs the Subsurface binary in to /opt/homebrew-cask/Caskroom and symlinks it to ~/Applications
    4. To update: brew cask update subsurface
    5. To uninstall: brew cask uninstall subsurface
  • Subsurface-3.0.2 is also available as part of MacPorts


Several flavors of Linux allow a simple install from within the OS (at least in their latest version).


Subsurface 4.2 is available in Fedora 20 and newer, Fedora 19 is still on version 4.0.3 (but I doubt many people still run Fedora 19)


Subsurface 4.0.3 is in the official repositories, but version 4.2 can be easily installed from the Subsurface PPA:

  • Open Ubuntu Software Center
  • Edit –> Software Sources
  • Other Software –> Add –> ppa:subsurface/subsurface
  • Close & search for Subsurface. Install.


Subsurface 4.2 sid -- it’s rather challenging to build a current version of Subsurface under wheezie.

Arch Linux

Subsurface 4.2 is in the Community repository.


Subsurface 4.2 is now included in the official repositories. There is also a Subsurface overlay that always contains the latest version.


Subsurface 4.2 can be found in the KDE:Extra repository. You can add this using YaST or zypper using one of the following URLs:


Subsurface 3.1 is included. We are working on getting Subsurface included with all of the other the major Linux distributions. For other flavor of Linux it should be reasonably straight forward to simply build your own binary as explained on the Building Subsurface page. But we are of course working on getting links to more RPMs / DEBs up here.


Sources are of course available via git or as a release tar-ball Subsurface-4.2.tgz The sources of the GPL and LGPL components shipped with the Mac and Windows binaries can be found at MacPorts and MinGW.